Monday, August 25, 2008

There is something encouraging about a good schedule!

Don't get the wrong idea, I am not a organized type A person (sometimes I would like to be but it's just not going to happen) but I do find some encouragement in a schedule. What is this all about??? Well today the kids in SA go back to school. My little guys are not in big school yet but their preschool works on the big school schedule, so that means tomorrow is our first day back to school!!!! YIPEE!

I can resume my regular schedule - the summer is not that bad because I have Grandma to help me out with the kids but I really like our regular schedule. I get up with my hubby in the morning and do a few chores, eat breakfast do a little work (make my work to do list), get him off to work, do my quiet time, get the kiddos up and off to school, come back home and work, pick them up, let them have some down time (pray for that to turn into a nap) while I work, get dinner ready and have everything as close to normal when dad gets home. Some days don't come out like that but overall that is what happens. I can't wait for regular to return!

Why??? So many reasons why. In the summer I drag about to get up usually when hubby is walking out the door. Within minutes the kids are up and asking to go to Grandma's if they don't leave with him because they got up early. And I have lots of quiet time but not the kind that I need, I have missed joining Him for our morning chat. Boy do I look forward to tomorrow!

So hopefully you are ready for the craziness and calmness of Back to School. I sure am!

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