Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Great Weekend for the Wilsey Family

A day at the park is good for the soul! We had so much fun Saturday morning just playing with the kids at the Raymond Rinkus Park in Leon Valley. They have recently renovated the playground. John played at this park when he was a little boy and was glad to see that they kept a few of the old fun elements. James and Jorja had smiles that made lasting memories for Mom and Dad. This is a great way to start off any Saturday morning. It will be a new staple in our weekend activities!

The weekend was splendid - it ended with a wonderful church picnic, great food, great fellowship and AWESOME music. We are so blessed by the musically gifted people in the congregation of Parkhills Baptist Church. A few of those musically gifted people are very close to our family - the Woerner's - WOW can they sing!! And their lives are totally committed to our Lord. We love spending time with them and knowing that we have prayer partners that are always praying for our growth, committment and trust in Jesus.

Just another great weekend for this very simple family!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Spending the week with Mom at School

As i stated in my previous blog post. We lost my dad on May 10th and I was scheduled to start a 3 week seminar Tarleton. Waiting until the fall meant 5 weeks instead of 3 during my busiest work time of the year. My dad's funeral was scheduled for May 16th and he and my mom instisted that I finish up this semester before he passed away. So my husband did what he always does...drops everything and takes care of his wife's needs. He took a week off work to go with me to school, we packed up the kids and left on Sunday afternoon to spend the week in Stephenville - mom going to class and the kids and John hanging out in the big town!!! They got my apartment set up and spent lots of time at the park, on campus, and traveling around the beautiful countryside.

Here are some pictures of their adventures while I was in class - wishing to be with them!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Home at Last

Well, its been a rough semester. Lots of traveling, lots of tears but at the end I am home at last! I traveled from San Antonio to Stephenville twice a week every week during the Spring semester. At the end of finals week my dad lost his fight with lung cancer, he has now gone to be with our Savior. We miss him deeply but we are comforted in the fact that we know he is waiting for us in heaven! I then had to complete a mini mester for school - 3 weeks away from my wonderful husband and cheerful children. But again, I am home at last. So hopefully I will get the opportunity to share our summer with you. Lots of things to do in San Antonio that we have never done - perhaps I will give you a glimpse at this wonderful city!