Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gather my friends and pray for each other

We are priviledged to have the opportunity to pray for our friends and family. I ask that you also will pray for them. Pray for peace, trust in God, faith in God's plan, safety and whatever else God lays on your heart.

Special Prayer Requests....

The Woerner's - Brian lost is Job...You can read Tamara's blog for the story and specific prayer requests. God brought them into our life at a special time. We had just James - did not have a lot of friends at church - Brian, Tim and John did some bible studies together and became prayer partners. Tamara and I are sisters - not by blood but by our relationship with an AWESOME Father! He blessed me with her sweet spirit and has taught me SO much about being a Godly Women - she is a great example! We love them and know that God has an opportunity for them just around the corner and we pray for their ears, eyes and hearts to be open to hear His plan.

The Neblett's - they live in Galveston - Tiki Island to be exact. As of today we don't really know much except that Ike when right through their area. We pray that they will be able to get safely back into the area to access the situation. We pray that they will seek God through the sadness, frustration and waiting that is ahead of them to recover from this storm. We especially pray for Caroline their 5 year old daughter - that she will understand that what is important is that Amy, Hunter and Caroline are safe and together and God will provide what they need.

The Light's - Mark, Jessica, Bryson, Olivia and Baby Light (on the way) - we pray for continued health for Jessica. She has recently had surgery to have a reversal of the tube tying surgery (obviously I have no medical knowledge) and is now 9 weeks pregnant. Mom and baby are safe and growing although each day is a new day and they need many prayers to get her through the high risk portion of this pregnancy. We are super excited that our family is growing and can't wait for the arrival of a new cousin.

There are many more prayer requests out there - these are just high on my list today - I ask that you join me in praying for them.

Remember - he really has the WHOLE WORLD in HIS hands. Through Him all things are possible!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girls Weekend in California

It will take me a few days to tell you about my trip to California. My mom took me on a fabulous trip. We met up with my sister (who was in CA working that week) and my Aunt Claudia who joined us from Dallas. Our first day was spent touring Carmel and Monterey. WOW - the beach at Carmel is amazing. The waves are so big and the sound of the waves - well I can still hear that roar. I was in awe of another one of God's awesome creations.

We shopped downtown in Carmel - beautiful art galleries, unique shops, great bakery and coffee shop!! And everyone had their dog - it was so funny to see dog bowls and doggie treats on the sidewalk in front of the shops.

We visited Clint Eastwood's Mission Ranch - and actually saw him! My mom and aunt said he probably thought I was a snob because I was busy taking pictures of all the beautiful flowers and he was walking right past me. We (Claudia) got a picture of him - it was pretty cool.

Then we drove down the coast to Monterey - the beautiful farms along the way. Wonderful crops of lettuce, artichokes, strawberries, and lots of things I could not identify from the road.

We stayed that night in Gilroy - the Garlic Capital of the World - what an interesting smell! More about the trip tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Mom - I am 5 today"

That was what he said first thing this morning walking out of his room.
It is true - our big guy turned 5 today! James Thomas Wilsey - the big 5. I can't believe it - seems like we just brought him home from the hospital. Well it was a fun day - he got to go to preschool. Then stop at sonic for a drink on the way home. Soccer practice - where he had a few visitors - Grandma, MawMaw, Aunt Steph, Zach and Macy showed up to see the little guy in action. Then it was home for our birthday supper. James chose the menu - Chicken Alfredo (suprised me since he has only had it one time). Then it was present time - the favorite time for a 5 year old on his birthday (ok - for anyone on their birthday). Then it was cake and ice cream time - which all seemed to enjoy since the room got quiet for the first time during the evening.

What did James get for the big event - Wal-E transformer, and Eve robot from Grandma, Fireman suit from Ms Dixie, Corvette Car from Ms Frances, Wal-E book and Coloring Set from Aunt Steph, Zach and Macy, Wal-E blanket and sheets from MawMaw. Telescope, Star Books, and Binoculars from Mom, Dad and Jorja. He was so excited about all his gifts.

Here are a few pictures of the great day. Of course the birthday celebration can't end there. James is having his friends over for a movie under the stars party on Friday night - we will be watching Robots...James can hardly wait!