Thursday, July 3, 2008

I don't think that I have blogged about my incredibly creative mom. I so wish I had her talent. Simple amazing to be able to take a bucket full of flowers and make then into something that I would want to look at for hours. I like flowers all by themselves but it is like magic when she gets her hands on them - they look totally different. These are some pictures from a wedding that she did a little over a month ago. She has been out of the business for a while trying to take care of her health. Since my Dad passed away she has some time on her hands and to her this is fun (I have helped her before - doing the technical not creative things and let me tell you coordinating weddings and arranging flowers is REALLY hard work). So hopefully she will get to do a few more weddings this year - for fun and a little extra income never hurt anyone either! Enjoy the pictures of the beautiful arrangements. At our wedding she not only was the mother of the bride but the wedding coordinator and head florist, she was one busy lady but it was the most amazing day of our lives. I will post pictures of our special day soon (it was 6 years ago so it might take me a while to find those wonderful photos)!!

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  1. This is a sweet tribute! Welcome to Bloggyland. ;) I read All Access too. As you join the ranks, enjoyt he Giveaways, Feel free to join mine before Wed. midnight. ;) It's all fun. God Bless.