Monday, August 24, 2009

James is off to School

Well today was his 1st day of Kindergarten!

Last night he got into bed, Dad read him a story, and within seconds he was in the living room crying like he had just lost his favorite toy. It was so sad. He was scared to go to his new school because he did not have any friends in his class. Mommy worked hard to calm his anxiety. Back to bed he went - slept like a baby.

James woke up this morning to his requested breakfast - eggs, bacon and toast. He talked so much about everything on his mind it took him almost an hour to eat his breakfast - I think he was stalling!

Then we loaded up and went to school. He seemed excited - a little shy but he is my kid so he comes by that naturally. First in line by the door to the classroom. Carefully watching all the other kids. Then it got hard - he went in the classroom but Mom could not go...James did fine - but I cried. It was hard to not cry like someone just took my favorite toy away but I held it together so that he would not see/hear me.

He is safe at school. Can't wait until 2:40 when we get to go pick him up!

First day of school memories - I don't remember my first day of school - do you???


  1. Such a handsome big boy! Hang in there, Mommy!

    I remember I had to learn to tie my shoes before the first day of first grade. We were coming home from vacation and I was sitting in the floorboard of the front seat, practicing (long before seat belt laws!).

  2. I remember wearing an old fashioned blue and white gingham dress my first day of first grade. My mom recently sent it down for Caroline.
    More importantly, I remember the bathrooms at the school had sinks that loked like fountains. It was a free standing round station where kids could wash their hands at all sides. The craziest thing I had ever seen.