Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kirstin's Meme - Quirky Things About Me

My dear friend Tamara has tagged me. I am to do a meme - 5 quirky things about me. Glad there is a limit - because I am pretty quirky!

5 Quirky Things About Me:
The rules: Post 5 quirky things about yourself. Post a recent picture so we can all look at you and laugh as we read about how interesting (weird) you are.

1. I never use the first toilet in a public restroom. No need to explain.

2. All the Christmas wrapping paper has to match. I can't stand to look under my tree and see an assortment of unmatching wrapping paper. This actually drives John crazy - so I try not to be too vocal about it but inside I just want to re-wrap everything.

3. It takes me twice as long to go through the meat department at the grocery store than it does to do the rest of the grocery shopping. In HS and College I was on the Meat Judging Team. I really enjoyed it and still love comparing and judging beef, pork and lamb. Sometimes I set up my own judging class at the store and sometimes I just like to identify the cut without looking at the label.

4. Love organizational stuff. Buy it all the time. Mainly because I am REALLY unorganized but REALLY want to be organized. Can't seem to make it happen - even with all the cool stuff!

5. I tell everyone I am allergic to sour cream and mushrooms. I am not, I just REALLY don't like it and it seems like that is the only way that people won't make you try something with either item in it. I know that is really a lie not a quirk but now you know so it will just be a quirk!

Now I get to tag someone....I choose...Kristen B.

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  1. Really cute picture of you! Is that at the pumpkin patch?

    And I'm the same way about Christmas wrapping paper!