Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Did you make a New Year Resolution?  That is really not my thing.  However, this year I have challenged myself to be a better communicator.  I am terrible about calling people, returning phone calls, calling on special occasions and I have even gotten bad about sending cards (not sure why I keep making cards I just don't use them!).  Not this year.  Monday, James goes back to school, Jorja is going to Grandma's and I will go purchase my 2010 calendar and start entering birthdays and updating my address list (some of those Christmas cards came back) and that will put me on the right track for remembering specials occasions in my family and friends lives!  Now just to set aside some phone time - I like to talk (you all know that) but I just never make time to sit down and chat with friends and family.   So say a prayer for me this is something that means a lot to me - communication is the key - right!

Well I better get back to organizing the craft room/office - boy is it a mess after Christmas!!!

Much Love,

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